Refusing Authority

All we have is given us by the one true Authority. God is the “author” of the universe, and so therefore rightfully claims authorship — or authority — over all, which of course includes you and me.  But does even a day go by in which my actions, decisions and perspective don’t evidence the contrary?

2008.05.04 Songs
No Other Name – Todd Fields
All Because Of Jesus – Fee
The Stand – Hillsong United

My son, almost a year and a half now, likes anything that has a screen that lights up (eg. my cell phone). Many times, he’ll be holding something that belongs to me, and I’ll ask him to give it to me. He’ll hold it, pulling his stubby arms away from me, look at me and say, “No!”  The look on his cheek-dominant face tells me he genuinely believes that what he’s holding is rightfully his, and that it would be morally wrong for me to take it from him. 

Jesse KimCute for an 18 month old. Not so much for a 31 year old, who needs life to go a particular way that’s most convenient for him, without speed bumps, setbacks or road blocks. Many people (myself included) want to feel like they have life under their control. But the truth is that feeling is at best an illusion.  More often, things don’t pan out the way that we expect.  When that happens, those of us who need that sense of control don’t respond too well — frustration, stress, unhappiness and then lovelessness often surmount. It’s holding my life and pulling it away with my own stubby arms, claiming it for myself.

What I have to do in those circumstances is acknowledge my own lack of control, and God’s rightful claim of authority over my life.  How might God want to speak to, teach, or even use me in these circumstances?  He has all authority, and so my perspective needs to shift from myself being the main character to Him, which is in fact, reality.  I need to change from tightly gripping my own life — my agenda, schedule and convenience — and offer it back into the hands that gave me my very life, and all that I have within it.

    • Dennis
    • October 1st, 2010

    Really a good point given. That there’s always a battle of what we think is our’s. Thank you for sharing!

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