Render Unto God

Senior Sunday. We celebrate the graduation of our Seniors, many of whom have been with us since their freshmen year at Cal. A chapter in their life ends as another begins, moving on to graduate school or entering the workforce. The closing of a chapter in our lives means an opening of a new one. It’s important to have the right perspective when making that move.

2008.05.11 Songs
The Lord Reigns – Gateway Worship
Offering – Paul Baloche

Charles Stanley said, “Life at its very best is to know the will of God and to live in the center of it”. The ways that I’ve personally experienced blessing as a result of sacrificial obedience to God’s will and purpose testify to the truth of Stanley’s words.

We’re all going to give our lives for something. But will that “something” be worth my life? If God truly is the Creator of all, then the Bible’s claim that my life is best suited and thrives under his care and control. I wanted to bring us all to remember in what ways that has proven true in our lives, to apply it to the unknown future as a commitment to be made available for His kingdom’s cause.

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