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As I was reflecting over the crucifixion of Christ and the ridicule he faced leading up to his death, the age-old question “Why did Jesus have to go to the cross?” found its way back into my mind.

2008.07.20 Songs
Jesus Messiah – Chris Tomlin
Salvation Is Here – Hillsong
Nothing But The Blood – Matt Redman

Why did Jesus have to die? Well, it was to rescue me. He did so in order to usher in the promise of salvation. He did so in order to validate all the promises in the Bible that God is with me, that God loves me, and that God will never leave me.

What did his death on the cross ultimately accomplish? It ushered in a new era – an era of salvation, hope, and faith. Because Jesus went to the cross, I can believe that God’s Word never fails and stands forever. Everything else in this world will pass, but the word of God and its promises are here to stay.

Throughout the Bible we read about God’s unending love for us and his enduring presence in our lives. God uses many circumstances in our lives to communicate his love for us – various life events, different people, perhaps even through a hardship or struggle. However, the ultimate confirmation of God’s love for me – and for the world – is the cross of Christ. It’s the cross that assures me that my sins have been completely paid for, and because of this I can approach the throne of grace with confidence.

So what is powerful enough to wipe away the guilt of my sins? What is powerful enough to take the broken pieces of my life and stitch them back together? What is the only thing that has the power to redeem me and gives me a fighting chance to respond to God’s love in obedience? Nothing but the blood of Jesus.

Isaiah 40:1-8

Kevin Jeung
Acts2Fellowship – Worship Leader

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