Sundays at Gracepoint Fellowship Church: "Seasons"

Many of us at Gracepoint Fellowship Church in Berkeley are entering into a new season in our lives.  The new school semester at Cal starts this week, so all the students get bumped up in freshman/sophomore/junior/senior(/5th year) status.  New ministry opportunities across Gracepoint are also opening up. When I enter into a new season in life, I try to take the opportunity to refocus or recalibrate myself, evaluating my relationship with God and what I’m doing.  What am I doing? What am I about to enter into?  Why am I doing it?  Honestly answering these questions can be revealing.

2008.08.24 Songs
Today is the Day – Lincoln Brewseter
Blessed Be Your Name – Matt Redman
Fire Fall Down – Hillsong United

As a Christian, the purpose of my life and what I do with it on a regular basis should relate to God’s glory, the expansion of his kingdom, the widening of my understanding of myself and so appreciation for his mercy and grace, and the deepening of my love for and service to Jesus.  But the honest answer for me I find often to be "because that’s what I’m supposed to do", or the like.  Not particularly linked to what I had mentioned before.  Not so inspiring, and definitely not all that pleasing to God, I imagine. 

I look back at God’s goodness in the seasons passed, His faithfulness to me and to our church, and I marvel.  I want to apply the lessons learned from reflection over those times, and apply them forward so that whatever happens, good or bad, that I might hit the ground running with trust in him and a passion to fan into flame the gift of God that is in me. 

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