Sundays at Gracepoint Fellowship Church: "Pouring Out"

In Luke 7, there’s story of a woman who is described as having "lived a sinful life". After learning that Jesus was eating at a Pharisee’s house, she went there bringing before Jesus an alabaster jar of perfume and poured it upon Jesus’ feet.  That jar represented the most valuable thing in her life. Having encountered Jesus, she saw it fit to extravagantly pour this out onto him.

2008.09.28 Songs
For All You’ve Done – Hillsong
Alabaster Jar – Gateway Worship
Reign In Us – Starfield

I think about the very best that this world might be able to offer me, within the four corners of this life.  Physical comfort, absence of worries, promises of significance and recognition, etc.  But put those next to my own salvation, the promise I cling to that through the blood of Jesus Christ, my sins are washed away and I will be carried into eternity in personal relationship with my Creator, and there isn’t any comparison. Without that, I’d still be walking around with all my sin stuck to me, defiling my soul, my character, my life and others around me. Encountering Jesus leads to a transformed life of extravagant love.  How can anybody not be changed?

We had a wonderful time to witness four people from our Berkeley Koinonia and Acts2Fellowship college campus groups get baptized last Sunday, hearing pieces of their stories of how Jesus came and saved them. Each time, I’m reminded of my own encounter with Jesus: the story of him rescuing me, and my experiences of his love through the relationships I have here at Gracepoint Fellowship Church. And each time I become a little undone.  I’m brought to a point where it makes so much sense to bring to him my life, pouring out my own alabaster jar out of gratitude and joy, responding to Jesus’ own outpouring for me.

  1. Hey James, thanks for sharing! Seeing the four people get baptized was indeed a real life example of an encounter with Jesus. Thought you’d want to see some of the baptism pictures online. Rejoicing together gets us all, I think, back to the point of wanting to respond to Jesus with the same joy and gratitude we all had when we first became Christian.

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