Dangerous Beliefs

During our last Gracepoint Monthly for 2008, we had a time where we got into groups of about 10 people from across different ministry groups to get to know each other and share about Christmas memories, and how we celebrated (or didn’t celebrate) Christmas growing up.  One of our drummers (who wished to remain anonymous) shared with me an interesting fact about Dan (Berkley Koinonia staff, and our lead drummer) that he learned during this time. It made me laugh enough to share it with you all…

Apparently, Dan and his brother, Mike, didn’t believe in Santa Claus, which isn’t uncommon. I myself only remember one Christmas as a kid when I thought Santa existed, even then being skeptical in the back of my mind. But, for Dan and his brother, just in case Santa did exist…

[ at this point in the story, you’d normally expect “they set out cookies and milk” or “they set up a video camera filming the fireplace” or “they said they believed so that they could get more presents”… but that wouldn’t be worth sharing, now would it? ]

…they set out traps for Santa.

As this anonymous drummer and I were laughing about this, we imagined what said traps might have looked like (ie. spikes in the fireplace, or marbles strewn across the floor next to the Christmas tree, or massive amounts of fly paper), and then what the young Chiang brothers might’ve done when they caught good ol’ St. Nick. Perhaps a letter addressed to the North Pole…


Believing in Jesus is “dangerous” because it has strong implications on one’s life.  The Chiang brothers’ belief in Santa is dangerous, too… but not in quite the same way.  

Dan, for your parents’ sake, I hope your traps never worked.

Anyway, just an entertaining way to say, “Merry Christmas!!”  It was a great year, guys.  Keep on honing your skills, enjoying personal times of worship and look forward to a new year of doing it all again!

James Kim
Gracepoint Fellowship Church – Worship Director

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