Gracepoint Berkeley – Home Worship Services

Summer has arrived and home worship services are now in full swing here at Gracepoint Berkeley, where every Sunday, groups of 30-50 people are squeezing into our members’ homes around Alameda to meet for worship service.

gracepoint fellowship church joe steven

What this means for Gracepoint worship is that each home worship group, using whatever talent they have, is basically learning to lead praise at a small church this summer! No more pro-presenter, no more awesome stage design, and no more cool moving lights. Enter the bongo drum, shaker, and acoustic guitar, like Steven and Joe did this past week at their Koinonia home worship service.

So come join us at one of our many locations this summer to worship in our new, yet old-school, worship format. Who knows, maybe we’ll even bring back the overhead projector and handwritten transparencies!

For those who have been attending our home worship services, comment here on how they’ve been going!

  1. At one of the Praxis home churches, we’ve been having Tony Sun play the guitar and lead us in a time of worship. It’s been nice going old school like that, and we’ve even been bringing back a lot of hymns.

    • Dom
    • June 11th, 2009

    Ditto – in Austin it’s pretty much just keyboard solo with hymns. It’s nice though, back to the good old content-rich hymns.

    • George
    • July 4th, 2009

    That’s my shaker!!

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