New Student Welcome Night: Take 11

Once again, the time has come… I search for some music that people with a wide range of religious/non-religious backgrounds might be able to enjoy, and throw it out to our band. Each worship team member meticulously listens and studies to professional recordings of the songs to figure out their part, or at least come up with a passable substitute. We come together and try to put it all together and be “the band” that we’re charged with being. Richard D. gets a light show together to do whatever he can to make the way we look consistent with the way we’re supposed to sound. (And, boy, do we need the help!)

All this for a program to welcome new students to the UC Berkeley campus in hopes to introduce God and truth to them in the process…

gracepoint_berkeley_nswnThis year marks the 11th year that I’ve been put in charge of the music portion of our New Student Welcome Night. For the past few years, I’ve been asking our members, “Aren’t I getting too old to do this? I wasn’t cool before as it was, but now I’m OLD and not-cool!” This year, as I’ve put on a little weight, I’ve tried to modify my excuse to, “I’m too fat for this”, to little avail. Guys like Ander and Jon Chou try to reassure me, “No, no… you HAVE to do it. You’re cool! You’re not fat… just a little fluffy…”. But I can see right through all that, as I think they just don’t want to lead it themselves.

Seriously, though, I consider it a huge privilege to be right there at the start of the program, at the biggest outreach event of our church’s calendar. I consider it a privilege not because of the fancy program we can put on, with the conglomerate logistical and creative expertise from so many different parts of this church, but rather the whole reason we do it. I consider it a privilege because I know how so many of the salvation testimonies that God has blessed our congregation with have started with people getting introduced to the gospel through our NSWN. We have the luxury of having front row seats of our great and awesome God working in so many people’s lives, bringing them to know him and the salvation that he offers. That’s what fuels the excitement in the air for everybody involved, because we have much expectation of what’s to come, and how we can man up and partake in the harvest that God calls us to.

So, regardless of whether it’s a cool, young person leading the music time… or if it’s just “old and fluffy” me again, I’ll rejoice with greater anticipation of how we can help advance the ball up the field for the kingdom.

… year 11… I just hope I’m not still doing it when Jesse gets to Cal.

– James Kim, Gracepoint Berkeley Worship Director

  1. Thanks for sharing, James! I’m really thankful for all the work that goes into each NSWN. I started coming to GFC after attending the 2007 NSWN and am really excited to see how God will work in the lives of the students who have come (or are going to come) to the different NSWNs this year!

    • tim
    • August 31st, 2009

    actually, all the cool people I know are “fluffy”… as they say “men of worth are men of girth.” welcome to the club!

    • Jasper
    • September 4th, 2009

    Thanks for sharing James!

    Someday I hope to be fluffy…

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