What's that song? "Holy Spirit Have Your Way"

This past Sunday, at our Gracepoint Prayer Worship Service, we sang a new song, “Holy Spirit Have Your Way,” by Leeland. Here is a devotional written by one of the Leeland band members based on the song:

“I lay down my life, and pick up my cross. What a joy it is to give my life away to you. All that I need, all that I seek, is you here with me. Holy Spirit have your way in me.”

This is one of the most transformational prayers you’ll ever pray.  Simply giving your life away to God. What does that mean practically?

First, we have to realize that God cares about our dreams and aspirations, because He’s the one who gave them to us. The most content people in the world are those who’ve given everything they have to God with no questions asked. Total surrender. These people end up seeing their dreams come true because they’ve stopped trying to please people, and they live to please God. Can you imagine living that way? Well, you can!

Secondly, think about the fact that Jesus gave His life on the cross and then rose again three days later. Why? So we could go to heaven? Yes, but that’s not all. He rose again, so we could be sure that we don’t serve a dead God. He’s living inside of you if you’ve made Him your Lord. That means that He’s given you the ability to surrender just like he did! (Lk 22:42) We can do the things Jesus did, and more. (Jn 14:12-13)

What are your dreams? What are your ambitions? I can assure you, the second you just sacrifice them and give them back to God you’ll see them come true in due time. Stop striving, and surrender just like Jesus did. His plan is the best and His timing is impeccable. (Pr. 19:21)

Holy Spirit have YOUR way!

Holy Spirit Have Your Way

Long after the tears fall, I’m still Your child
I’ve put down my defenses, laid down my pride
Love and forgiveness flow deep and wide
So I’ll run to You and surrender all

As I lay down my life
And pick up my cross
What a joy it is to give my life away to You
All that I need
And all that I seek
Is You here with me
Holy Spirit, have Your way in me

In times of trouble, though trials may come
The rock of ages is standing strong
I’m fighting battles but the war is won
So I’ll run to you and surrender all

More of You and less of me
God, more of You and less of me
God, more of You and less of me
God, more of You overflowing

    • Jenn Chen
    • February 24th, 2010

    Thanks for posting this! It’s such a clear reminder of the need to surrender it all to Jesus and live to please God instead of other people.

    • mike
    • February 25th, 2010


    I was wondering if you know name(s) of the song(s) played in the background during prayer meeting? Can you find them on iTunes?

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