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Sundays at Gracepoint Fellowship Church: "Pouring Out"

In Luke 7, there’s story of a woman who is described as having "lived a sinful life". After learning that Jesus was eating at a Pharisee’s house, she went there bringing before Jesus an alabaster jar of perfume and poured it upon Jesus’ feet.  That jar represented the most valuable thing in her life. Having encountered Jesus, she saw it fit to extravagantly pour this out onto him.

2008.09.28 Songs
For All You’ve Done – Hillsong
Alabaster Jar – Gateway Worship
Reign In Us – Starfield

I think about the very best that this world might be able to offer me, within the four corners of this life.  Physical comfort, absence of worries, promises of significance and recognition, etc.  But put those next to my own salvation, the promise I cling to that through the blood of Jesus Christ, my sins are washed away and I will be carried into eternity in personal relationship with my Creator, and there isn’t any comparison. Without that, I’d still be walking around with all my sin stuck to me, defiling my soul, my character, my life and others around me. Encountering Jesus leads to a transformed life of extravagant love.  How can anybody not be changed?

We had a wonderful time to witness four people from our Berkeley Koinonia and Acts2Fellowship college campus groups get baptized last Sunday, hearing pieces of their stories of how Jesus came and saved them. Each time, I’m reminded of my own encounter with Jesus: the story of him rescuing me, and my experiences of his love through the relationships I have here at Gracepoint Fellowship Church. And each time I become a little undone.  I’m brought to a point where it makes so much sense to bring to him my life, pouring out my own alabaster jar out of gratitude and joy, responding to Jesus’ own outpouring for me.

Sundays at Gracepoint Fellowship Church: "Seasons"

Many of us at Gracepoint Fellowship Church in Berkeley are entering into a new season in our lives.  The new school semester at Cal starts this week, so all the students get bumped up in freshman/sophomore/junior/senior(/5th year) status.  New ministry opportunities across Gracepoint are also opening up. When I enter into a new season in life, I try to take the opportunity to refocus or recalibrate myself, evaluating my relationship with God and what I’m doing.  What am I doing? What am I about to enter into?  Why am I doing it?  Honestly answering these questions can be revealing.

2008.08.24 Songs
Today is the Day – Lincoln Brewseter
Blessed Be Your Name – Matt Redman
Fire Fall Down – Hillsong United

As a Christian, the purpose of my life and what I do with it on a regular basis should relate to God’s glory, the expansion of his kingdom, the widening of my understanding of myself and so appreciation for his mercy and grace, and the deepening of my love for and service to Jesus.  But the honest answer for me I find often to be "because that’s what I’m supposed to do", or the like.  Not particularly linked to what I had mentioned before.  Not so inspiring, and definitely not all that pleasing to God, I imagine. 

I look back at God’s goodness in the seasons passed, His faithfulness to me and to our church, and I marvel.  I want to apply the lessons learned from reflection over those times, and apply them forward so that whatever happens, good or bad, that I might hit the ground running with trust in him and a passion to fan into flame the gift of God that is in me. 

Favorites @ Gracepoint Fellowship Church

Is there a song that we do during our Sunday Worship Services that you really like?  Maybe something inside cheers a little when you hear the intro or see the title screen up. (I encourage you to express that on the outside, too! Why not?)

Comment on this posting and let us know what YOUR favorite worship song is!

James Kim
Gracepoint Fellowship Church – Worship Director

Sundays at Gracepoint Fellowship Church: "Great Expectation"

With the new semester right around the corner, we’re gearing up for the many new people to come to the Bay Area.  First years, transfer students, international students, visiting scholars and the like.  It’s an exciting time in our ministry calendar as we have the opportunity to meet people from all different walks of life, especially as many of them have yet to hear the good news of Jesus Christ.

2008.08.17 Songs
You are Holy – Michael W. Smith 
We Lift You Up – Desperation Band
God of This City – Chris Tomlin

Susan Kim mentioned how appropriate it was that we met for worship service at Pauley Ballroom on the UC Berkeley campus, where both New Student Welcome Nights will be held next week.  The song selection this week was primarily for our members who share in the heart of evangelism in our different ministries at Gracepoint.  As we go forward, we know that all of our efforts  mean nothing without the Spirit working in the hearts of those we reach, as well as and especially in our own hearts as well.  I believe God has great plans for us, for the different campuses, for the Bay Area, and again, in our own hearts as well. God will do great things.  The limiting factor for me to experience is my own level of commitment, my own obedience. But if history is any indication, through what little I’ve given, God has multiplied that to contribute to his great work. 

I hope we can all give a little more, in whatever ways we can, with joy in the great expectation of the even greater things that are yet to come.

Gracepoint Fellowship Church – Element: Centrifuge

A bunch of us are helping with the music for Centrifuge this coming Saturday night. Centrifuge is THE event for our Element group. Element is our youth group at Gracepoint Fellowship Church, headed up by Ben (who was my small group leader when I was a sophomore in college) and Elise Koo.  Two of our vocalists (Bessie and Danielle) are Element teachers.  Centrifuge is:

A night filled with games, music, a thought provoking skit, a life-changing message, and delicious snacks (including free food and boba!!!!) – it’s an opportunity you should take before it’s GONE

It’s only for junior high and high school students, though — 7th through 12th rade.  (So if you’re thinking you want to attend, but you’re as old as my friends look, you’re out of luck.)

Anyway, please pray for the event, for all the Element teachers and students, as well as all the guests that attend the event, that the gospel would be demonstrated by the program, as well as the character and hearts of our students.

Gracepoint Fellowship Church SWS – "In My Stead"

Jesus cried out "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" as he was on the cross.  All his followers had turned their backs on him, abandoned him to die.  But at that point, God himself would turn his back on Jesus, not because he was ashamed or embarrassed, or because he was afraid of what others might think of him, but because of his love for you and me. 

2008.07.27 Songs
Hosanna – Paul Baloche
Because Of Your Love – Paul Baloche
You Are My King – Passion
Lead Me To The Cross – Hillsong United

Why did God forsake Jesus on the cross?  The most direct answer is this: so that he wouldn’t have to forsake me.  So that he wouldn’t have to turn his back on me.  I look within and see all the terrible things that reside in my heart, all the things that would rightly make anyone cringe, and I know I would not be able to stand in the presence of the almighty, most high, holy God.  If He is indeed the most high, holy God, then he must turn his back on me.  But because of his great love for us, God who is rich in mercy, imposed the punishment that I deserve on his perfect son, Jesus Christ.  Jesus took on the abandonment from God so that I wouldn’t have to.  Jesus suffered the punishment for sin so that I wouldn’t have to.  Jesus died on the cross and was separated from God so that I wouldn’t have to. 

James Kim
Gracepoint Fellowship Church – Worship Director

Gracepoint Fellowship Church SWS- "Power to Save"

As I was reflecting over the crucifixion of Christ and the ridicule he faced leading up to his death, the age-old question “Why did Jesus have to go to the cross?” found its way back into my mind.

2008.07.20 Songs
Jesus Messiah – Chris Tomlin
Salvation Is Here – Hillsong
Nothing But The Blood – Matt Redman

Why did Jesus have to die? Well, it was to rescue me. He did so in order to usher in the promise of salvation. He did so in order to validate all the promises in the Bible that God is with me, that God loves me, and that God will never leave me.

What did his death on the cross ultimately accomplish? It ushered in a new era – an era of salvation, hope, and faith. Because Jesus went to the cross, I can believe that God’s Word never fails and stands forever. Everything else in this world will pass, but the word of God and its promises are here to stay.

Throughout the Bible we read about God’s unending love for us and his enduring presence in our lives. God uses many circumstances in our lives to communicate his love for us – various life events, different people, perhaps even through a hardship or struggle. However, the ultimate confirmation of God’s love for me – and for the world – is the cross of Christ. It’s the cross that assures me that my sins have been completely paid for, and because of this I can approach the throne of grace with confidence.

So what is powerful enough to wipe away the guilt of my sins? What is powerful enough to take the broken pieces of my life and stitch them back together? What is the only thing that has the power to redeem me and gives me a fighting chance to respond to God’s love in obedience? Nothing but the blood of Jesus.

Isaiah 40:1-8

Kevin Jeung
Acts2Fellowship – Worship Leader

Gracepoint Fellowship Church SWS- "Proven Truth"

Apostle Paul receives these words from God. "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness". We come to a deeper appreciation of grace when we recognize our need for it, don’t we? Ever come to a point in your life when you said something, did something, or even thought something proving to yourself and probably to others that you’re not the person that you thought you were? I sure have. Any assertions of patience about myself is simply blown away by flares of temper, petty annoyances and irritation, affecting the people that are closest to me.

2008.06.29 Songs
New Doxology – Gateway Worship
Your Grace Is Enough – Chris Tomlin
From the Inside Out – Hillsong United
The Stand – Hillsong United

Perhaps we think that we’re particularly loving until, when the rubber meets the road, that love is withheld and selfishness seems to abound. Ever come to a point where you’ve proven to yourself that you’re not who you think you are?

Whatever way I’ve used to deal with it — making excuses or blaming the circumstances — when I look inside myself honestly before God, I know that I can’t fix myself. This is the way that I am. I might’ve thought I was loving, sacrificial, or generous. But my life and reality reflect the contrary. I lift that up to God and say, "Father, I don’t want to make excuses anymore. I’ll lay all of that down." And that’s when I experience grace.

God knows the truth about me, about us all. Coming to understand his grace in the specificity of acknowledging and confessing my sins brings me to a deep gratitude, and trust. Trust in his promise that even though I may fail in the same ways over and over again, his grace remains to pick me up each time. Everlasting kindness, unending love, amazing grace.

James Kim
Gracepoint Fellowship Church – Worship Director

Summer Training

For four Thursdays in July (10, 17, 24 and 31) we’ll be having focused training for our current worship team members and trainees. This will assume that the participants have solid fundamentals of their respective instruments. 

The instructors will compile a list of songs that we currently and/or frequently do at a typical event (Sunday Worship Service, Gracepoint Monthly, large group Bible study, etc.).  We’ll divide into sections for the first three weeks, when the instructors for each instrument will demonstrate and teach how they play each song.  For the last session, we’ll all get together with a full setup and go through the songs, giving everybody a chance to play with other instruments.

The location and specific times are still TBD.  All current worship team members and trainees are required to participate.