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Creative Message Recap – John 4 in One Minute

Gracepoint Fellowship Church Berkeley has recently started doing “creative” message recaps each Sunday before the messages to help us all remember what was preached the past Sunday by Pastor Ed Kang. Check out the video that was created on John 4, the message on the Samaritan woman, in one minute. If you listen closely you will hear when Pastor Ed’s voice gets auto tuned, at least it sounds that way… Enjoy

Farewell Mike – Destination: Gracepoint UCLA (Gracepoint Los Angeles)

Last week we sent off one of our “older” praiseband members, our go to electric guitarist Mike. He and his wife will be leaving Gracepoint Berkeley and joining Gracepoint UCLA or Gracepoint Los Angeles, the church plant we are starting in the fall. We are really going to miss Mike here in Berkeley; both his guitar skills as well as his company. We will be praying for you Mike! Oh and as a sendoff special, here’s an old tutorial video he did for us back in the day. Enjoy!

YouTube Preview Image

Gracepoint Summer Rally 2013


2013 Gracepoint Summer Rally

This year Gracepoint had our very first Gracepoint Summer Rally. A time where we just got together to praise and worship God, to give him the thanks for all that he has done and continues to do at our churches. Now as one of the older ones, its humbling to know that God is using us despite the fact that we are sinners. Indeed, I think the words of Nehemiah 4:20 “Our God will fight for us.” Pastor Ed Kang and Kelly Kang led the rally with messages, sharing and we got to see different videos from all our churches. Praise the Lord. At the end of it we commissioned our Gracepoint Los Angeles church with a new song we’ve all come to love as the words are perfect called “Commission my Soul” by Citipoint Live.

Pastor Ed Kang

In terms of praise and wordship, given that this is our worship blog, we had a lineup of three different bands! The oldies led by James K, the church plant band led by DL, and our young up and comers led by Stephen. Each band had its own style of worship and I can confidently say that everyone came away enjoying the praise. Thanks to all the bands and the praise leaders. I know that my voice was pretty hoarse after the extended weekend of singing!

The oldies band, still able to rock it

The young ones that never seemed to tire

Stepping it Up | A Tale from Gracepoint Riverside

This past season was a time of stepping it up for many people who are involved in Gracepoint’s different praise teams. Many people used their own vacation days in order to play at one of the many NSWNs that happened this season (although it’s only partially a sacrifice – going to one of those NSWNs was also really exciting too!), and there were also many people who really stepped up their game to play at their first NSWN. You’ve already heard the story of Eric during the trip to Gracepoint Minneapolis. Well, I wanted to share another story that I heard when I was there at Gracepoint Riverside this past September – well, it’s not really a story, but rather a picture.

You’ll notice that there really isn’t enough room for another person to sit next to Allen to play the keyboard – no, it is not that our Riverside team meets in such a small venue that there isn’t enough room for the band to be on stage – rather, due to the small size of our church plant teams, people often do double (or triple or quadruple) duty: sound setup and welcome team, food and ushering, and drums and keys.  Thanks Allen for really stepping up your game there at Riverside!  I just have to wonder if he ever switches in the middle of the song or plays both at the same time!