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Stepping it Up | A Tale from Gracepoint Riverside

This past season was a time of stepping it up for many people who are involved in Gracepoint’s different praise teams. Many people used their own vacation days in order to play at one of the many NSWNs that happened this season (although it’s only partially a sacrifice – going to one of those NSWNs was also really exciting too!), and there were also many people who really stepped up their game to play at their first NSWN. You’ve already heard the story of Eric during the trip to Gracepoint Minneapolis. Well, I wanted to share another story that I heard when I was there at Gracepoint Riverside this past September – well, it’s not really a story, but rather a picture.

You’ll notice that there really isn’t enough room for another person to sit next to Allen to play the keyboard – no, it is not that our Riverside team meets in such a small venue that there isn’t enough room for the band to be on stage – rather, due to the small size of our church plant teams, people often do double (or triple or quadruple) duty: sound setup and welcome team, food and ushering, and drums and keys.  Thanks Allen for really stepping up your game there at Riverside!  I just have to wonder if he ever switches in the middle of the song or plays both at the same time!

Behind the Scenes: Welcome to Gracepoint Video

You all probably saw the “Welcome to Gracepoint” video at Sunday service starring our own Jesse. Well, what you probably didnt know was that the video was filmed by Gracepoint Berkeley, then the raw footage sent down to Abe in Gracepoint Riverside for editing and the music was composed by Dominic in Gracepoint Austin. Pretty amazing huh? Truly and example of the church in action. Anyways, I thought the music was really cool considering Dom composed and put it all together. Here’s what Dom had to say about it:

To welcome all the new students in the fall, our church decided to put together an intro video describing what Gracepoint is all about.  So I was given the opportunity to come up with a background track for the video.  It was a fun project as it involved collaboration between our Gracepoint Berkeley, Gracepoint Riverside, and Gracepoint Austin churches to get the final product fine tuned.  The hardest part was coming up with the right mood for the video.  There’s a lot of short videos out there, including ones our church has done before, but this intro video required something lighter and bouncy.  So we started out with some acoustic guitar riffs, but it didn’t quite capture the mood we wanted.  That’s when we remembered Logic Pro has thousands of audio loops preloaded to experiment with, so I spent some time mining through the percussion loop library to find a nice drum loop to get the creative juices flowing.  Having a nice beat totally makes composing easier – it’s kind of like how runners get inspired to keep running when they listen to energetic music.  Then I just fiddled around with some motifs and chord progressions and stringed them together.  If you break it down, the track is actually very simple – it’s basically just D Bm A G repeated over and over again, with some minor variations here and there.  The key is to vary the motifs by using different rhythms and note combinations.  There were also some other considerations – timing, transitions, sound effects, etc. – that made it more challenging, but overall it was a great learning experience.  Hope you all enjoyed it! – Dominic: Gracepoint Austin

You can listen to the different versions here!

Version 1:

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Version 2:

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Favorite Worship/Praise Song?

Here at the Gracepoint, we the worship team would like to bring this vote back as we are constantly introducing new songs and sometimes some good ones people really enjoy dont get sung anymore. So, we are opening this up to ALL our gracepoint churches, so go ahead and feel free to chime in gracepoint davis, gracepoint minneapolis, gracepoint hsinchu, gracepoint san diego, gracepoint riverside and gracepoint austin!

One more things, when you comment please put which church you are at in your comment.

Example:  “I like From the Inside Out by Hillsongs! Ander – gracepoint berkeley

Thanks and happy voting!

Gracepoint Worship 2010 Tour

Gracepoint Berkeley NSWN

Okay, well maybe not on tour as most people would think but the Gracepoint Berkeley worship team will be heading out to the different campuses to help with the different welcome nights that are coming up! Let’s keep praying for these nights!

2010 Schedule:

Gracepoint Berkeley – check

Gracepoint Minneapolis – check

Gracepoint Davis – Wed 9/22

Gracepoint San Diego – Wed 9/22

Gracepoint Riverside – Wed 9/29