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Keyboard Tutorial: Intro to Underscoring

A big thanks to Chris, staff at Gracepoint Berkeley and SFSU Koinonia for putting together this tutorial. For those of you who don’t know, underscoring is what the keyboardist can do while someone is talking to really create the right mood and atmosphere.

Electric Guitar Tutorial: Everlasting God and Glory to God Forever

Check out these two new tutorial videos – thanks Jeff! I know all of our electric guitar players (and those who listen to them) appreciate it!

Tutorial: The Lord Reigns – Gateway Worship Band

Nice tutorial for electric guitar by our own Worship Director James, check it out!
YouTube Preview Image

Keyboard Tutorial Videos

In case you haven’t noticed, we are developing a resources section here at our Gracepoint Worship blog. For those of you who have been bummed that there’s no keyboard MYT this summer, we are publishing our own keyboard tutorial videos, made by our very own Dominic! He’s currently serving as our keyboardist at Gracepoint Fellowship Church Austin, Gracepoint Berkeley’s sister church. Here’s the fourth installment of the series. Check out the Resources Page for more videos!

YouTube Preview Image